Friday, July 27, 2007

Come back of West Nile Virus

Harris County that covers Houston Texas has found a victim of West Nile virus in which it is the first time that this deadly disease has hit this area. A 52-year-old Houston woman has been reported from The Department of Health and Human Services as a victim of West Nile Virus and there could possibly be more victims to this deleterious disease. Experts have reported that West Nile Virus does not spread by human-to-human contact but from mosquito bites. These special mosquitoes, known as Culex Mosquitoes have difficulties reproducing in wet conditions so Harris County's Mosquito Control is on massive plan to spray out these killers before the weather gets drier. It is very depressing to know that more and more fellow citizens will be vulnerable to this deadly disease, but it is relieving to know that killers can only reproduce in dry condition, in which the current weather is more wet and humid.

My suggestion is that because one of Texas's city has reported the finding of West Nile Virus, Texas Department of Health let all Texas Counties be sprayed to kill possible Culex mosquitoes in other areas. These are bugs that have high reproduce rate and just to be on the safe side, Texas should require all other counties to be sprayed.

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