Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hands are together for Senate Bill 49

Hopes are high and shaky in Texas as Senator Judith Zaffirini takes another rescue mission for financially-burdened college students to execute Senate Bill 49. With this Bill, Senator Zaffirini takes another shot at Tax-Free textbooks to save Texas college students from paying heavy sum of tax when they are already struggling financially from other college-related expenses. This bill, if passed, would allow Texas college students to purchase their textbooks without paying a tax during 10-days period before each semester. Although a similar bill has failed to pass the House in 2005, situation now is different. More colleges and their leading organizations are united as one to fight for this new bill. If this bill gets passed, students will save about 30-40 dollars of tax money each semester. This bill will definitely be beneficial for those students who live day by day with federal loans and grants. If this bill gets passed, it will lift the spirits of Texas college students and their pride for being Texans.
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KSeago said...

Looks good. Add a link to the Dallas Morning News. You can find the link in the syllabus.

Kris S. Seago

KSeago said...

Very nice effort. Did this bill pass? The Legislative session ended in May....